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Give me 5 days and you'll walk away with easy-to-implement tools for establishing a life or empowerment and freedom ...even in the presence of difficult people.
This CHALLENGE Will Be Held...
August 23-27, 2021
Imagine you ... no longer minimizing yourself in the passive lane and actually standing in the truth of who you are and who you came here to be ...
here are 3 ways this CHALLENGE will change your life forever:
Life changer #1
Seeing the Bigger Picture:

Why understanding your energy body is essential to any transformation and why if you’re not working with it, your results will fall short 
Life Changer #2
Getting to the Root of the Problem:

Why and how you're giving your power away and how it's keeping you playing small
Life Changer #3
Mastering Empowered Living:

Simple ways to establish your self-worth and live a life of empowerment without spending months in talk therapy
Holistic Health Coach, Energy Healer + Creative
About your GUIDE:
Hi beautiful soul! I'm Sarah.

I walked away from the corporate world to follow a deeper calling of helping more people learn to embody their inner light. Is that you?!

So many people are living outside of themselves - seeking approval from others; comparing themselves with friends {and strangers!} on social media to only reinforce their not enough-ness; getting caught in mind tornados that keep them stuck; giving their power away without even realizing it; blindly following the programs of mass consciousness instead of considering what they believe to be true; and living with a lot of stress and anxiety in the process.

This was me. And if I'm being honest, some days it still is.

But throughout the years, I've invested in countless certifications and continuing education to get to the bottom of these patterns. Things like... holistic health coaching, behavior change coaching, crystal healing, teaching yoga, personal training, reiki, past life regression, akashic records, EFT tapping, and aromatherapy. I've studied shamanism, the Tao te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, chakra healing, energy medicine, cacao plant medicine, vibrational sound healing, mediumship, quantum healing, and self-mastery. I've even traveled on sacred pilgrimmages to India, Peru and Sedona. 

All these years while in the corporate world leading teams, concocting strategic plans, and wearing fancy clothes, I've been 'on the path' as they say ...a closet-case spiritual seeker, Birkenstock lover, nerd for learning and crazy about the mystical realm of energy healing.

I've intimately learned how to master the ever dynamic flow of energetics that are always at play to live with less anxiety and hold a high vibration, even around VDPs {very draining people}! 

If you are ready to stop emotionally and mentally blowing in the breeze and start implementing proven tactics for mastering your body, mind and spirit, join me for my free 5 day challenge. You'll walk away with highly-motivating information and simple tools that you can start using immediately to raise your vibration and live empowered, aligned and true to yourself.

Join me!
This FREE CHALLENGE Will Be Held...
August 23-27, 2021
Disclaimer - This challenge is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to raise your vibration using a holistic body, mind and spirit approach. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of real work is involved. At the end of the Challenge, a program will be offered for purchase.
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