power up your manifestations with crystal grids
Ready to advance your work with crystals?

Want a step-by-step class to guide you through everything you need to know to start combining crystals, sacred geometry and intention for next level manifesting?

Ready to accelerate your energy healing + protection by working with advanced crystal healing techniques? 
In this self-paced, digital class, Manifest with Crystal Grids, I'll walk you through everything you need to know to confidently create amazing, high vibrational crystal grids to support manifesting your heart's desires at an accelerated rate, and promoting greater energy healing + protection.
Here is what you get when you purchase my MANIFEST WITH CRYSTAL GRIDS CLASS:  
With this class you will...
  • Get immediate access to the all class content so you can get started without delay and work at your own pace.  
  • ​Enjoy short videos that are easy to understand and completely comprehensive, allowing you to build your grid as you go.
  • Receive a guided approach that empowers you to explore crystal grids for yourself to incorporate their powerful energetic technology into your everyday life.
  • ​Gain a deeper understanding of sacred geometry, knowing which shapes to use to support your intentions.
  • Learn how to combine the energy of the stones by activating the network of individual crystal energies to form a potent energy field that supports your highest good.
This is right for you If  ...
> You already have a basic understanding of working with crystals and you want to advance your knowledge and skills. 

> You love working with the law of attraction and want to take your intention setting and manifesting to the next level by incorporating energetic technology. 

> You wish to incorporate energy healing and protection in a bigger way by working with advanced crystal healing techniques.

> You appreciate a guided approach to learning and learn better through hands-on experience. 

> You're ready to become a more powerful co-creator of your highest and best life!


Here is what you purchase my understanding crystal energy course:  
With this course you will...
  • Get immediate access to the full course content so you can get started without delay and work at your own pace.  
  • ​Enjoy over 20 short videos that are easy to understand and completely comprehensive, taking you from curious to confident.
  •  Receive a guide approach that empowers you to explore crystal energy for yourself to develop your own true wisdom.
  •  Be guided through hands-on exercises for sensing subtle energy and working with the stones to integrate and retain what you learn. 
  • Develop confidence in your skills and how to work with crystals for optimizing wellbeing, deepening your meditation, reducing stress and balancing the energy centers of the body.
  • ​Gain a deeper understanding of the human energy field - the aura and chakras - and how crystal energy works for bringing us into balance.
  • ​Learn to trust yourself without second guessing your experience.
  • ​Learn to connect with crystals on an intuitive level to receive the messages they have to share.
Time and Money SaveD
I’ve spent over $35K on gurus, mentors, certifications and trainings across many healing modalities.

You don't have to waste money and time like I did… because this course will walk you through step-by-step how to explore, integrate and trust your experience with crystal energy. 

There are many certification courses out there for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Getting comprehensive information for developing the confidence you need to do this work, doesn't have to break the bank.
Here’s what we'll cover:
Intro to Crystal Grids

Setting an Intention

Sacred Geometry
Anatomy of a Crystal Grid

Choosing Your Stones

Placing Your Stones

Placing Your Grid

Activating Your Grid

Dismantling Your Grid
What is included inside of understanding crystal energy?
This crystal course is the only course you'll ever need for developing the confidence you need to start working with crystals and sensing subtle energy!
When you purchase the class, you'll also receive thIS BONUS!
YOU'LL GET A FREE COPY OF MY E-BOOK, PRINTABLE CRYSTAL GRID baseS, WHICH INCLUDES 12 different sacred geometry shapes overlaid on beautiful mandalas to further energize each grid with high frequencies. 

Descriptions for each shape is provided so you can align your intention with the best shape for co-creating your desires!
Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get!
Here's What You'll Receive:
  • ​4 Months of Mentorship with Sarah ($1,997 Value)
  • ​Private Facebook Community with Peer Support ($297 Value)
  • Handouts and Resources to Take Your Knowledge Deeper ($297 Value) 
  • Action Steps and Accountability ($499 Value)
  • Weekly Check-In with Personalized Coaching via Email ($397 Value)
  • BONUS #1: My Harmonic Sacred Serum and Custom Blended Frequency - ($111 Value) - LIMITED TO FIRST 3 SIGNUPS
  • BONUS #2:  - Anchor the Light Monthly Box Subscription for 4 Months ($148 Value) - LIMITED TO THOSE WHO SIGN UP BEFORE 11:59PM FRIDAY AUG 29
  •  BONUS #3: Exclusive 20% Off Member Only Discount to Sarah Belle for 4 Months  (Incredible Value!) FOR EVERYONE WHO SIGNS UP - PERFECT FOR THE HOLIDAYS!
  • ​BONUS #4: Anchor the Light Welcome Package ($77 Value) FOR EVERYONE WHO SIGNS UP
  • ​BONUS #5 - Pay in Full Discount ($222 Value) FOR THOSE WHO PAY IN FULL FOR THE PROGRAM
  • ​BONUS #6 -  Pay in Full Gift - $25 Gift Card to Sarah Belle ($25 Value) FOR THOSE WHO PAY IN FULL FOR THE PROGRAM 
  • ​Over 20 videos covering everything you need to know to get started working with crystals and exploring their energy to become more confident in your practice ($297 Value)
  • ​Recommended homework for implementing what you learn and developing your own crystal wisdom ($97 Value)
  • Join the Anchor the Light Facebook community to connect with like-minded individuals, share your experience and ask questions as you go through the course 
  • Bonus: A FREE copy of Understanding Crystal Energy E-book ($14.99 Value)
  • Bonus: Receive a 20% off student discount to Sarah Belle for the next 15 days to save money while building your crystal collection, knowledge and experience! (Priceless!)
  • Nine videos covering everything you need to know to get started with properly creating your own crystal grids to accelerate your manifestations (Valued at $47)
  • ​Recommended homework for implementing what you learn and building your grid as you go (Valued at $27)
  • Join the Anchor the Light Facebook community to connect with like-minded individuals, share your experience and ask questions as you go through the course  
  • BONUS: A FREE copy of the Printable Crystal Grid Bases (Valued at $5.99)

Total Value: $79.99
Your Cost: $24

Crystals have a way of expanding us. They work on the level of light energy and help to activate light codes within us to help us raise our vibration. They are powerful tools for ascension as well as for everyday wellbeing.

Advance your work with crystal grids by learning how to blend beautiful energies together, activate them and amplify your manifesting abilities. I know you'll love every step of your journey!

Big love.

Here Are A Few FAQs I Get A Lot:
Will I get access to Sarah? 
This program is designed to be self-directed. You will be encouraged to join the Anchor the Light Facebook community to connect with others and ask your questions there. 
What kind of payments do you accept? 
Payment is preferred via Credit Card. 
What do I need for this class? 
You will need a computer, internet access, and an email account. You will need Facebook access to join the Facebook community, though that is not necessary. To create your grid, you will want to have a few crystals, a generator crystal and a wand or crystal that has a directional energy to it such as a piece of selenite. You may also wish to work with a pendulum to help you with selecting your stones. You may want to have a journal to take notes and keep track of your progress and experience. 
How much time will I need to complete this course? 
If you have all of your materials, you will want to allot roughly two hours to complete the course and action steps. The course is broken up into short videos allowing you to go at your own pace. You may watch all the videos in one setting or watch a few and practice what you learn before moving on. It's designed to be self-paced.
Will I learn how to use crystal grids for treating physical ailments? 
It is important to note that crystals should not be used in place of or as a substitute for medical treatment. This course in no way intends to treat, diagnose or cure any medication condition. It is not advisable that you stop any medical treatment and should always consult with physician while under medical care. 
Are refunds available?  
No refunds will be given for this course.

Why Now

Modern wellbeing incorporates mind, body and spirit and recognizes the energy body that exists beyond what we can see with the physical eye. When we work on a level of energy, we support the foundation of our physical reality. Crystals are amazing tools for maintaining energetic alignment and harmony within our subtle body, which strengthens and fortifies the body, mind and spirit.

In our contemporary world, we are beginning to honor what we intuitively sense and feel. We are beginning to care for things like our energy body and our vibration! Now is the time to strip away old paradigm thinking and embrace this beautiful method of self-care that has been around for thousands of years. 

Now is the time for a more holistic approach to wellbeing.